Welcome to Kids Paradise

At Kids Paradise Pre-Primary School, we encourage children to observe, think and wonder.Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities. The very objective of Kids Paradise Pre-Primary School is to identify this uniqueness. The school is not created to force any specialization onto a child, but to nurture the natural abilities be it artistic, analytical, scientific or linguistic.Our teaching methodology revolves around helping your child discover their innate potential to excel in academics.

Message from the Principal

Kids Paradise Pre-Primary School is a unique educational environment. It is a place where we have committed ourselves to the vision of raising achievement and raising aspirations. It is through this that we create a focus on student ...

Unique Features

Personal Attention to Each students

It is a teacher’s responsibility to give personal attention to every student because only then can they teach effectively in a class and attain higher success ratio. A teacher’s success is measured as per the performance of students’ in his/her class.


High Quality Teaching

The only consistent factor we can identify is the role of the teacher, whose abilities and skillset, knowledge and enthusiasm are crucial in determining the success of the children they teach. Teaching, after all, is about engagement, about getting children to listen and switch on.

Dance & Music

The meaning of music or dance is not dependent on language. Our first response to music is through the movement of the body. Babies create their own choreography (in the womb, they are practicing stretching, kicking and hitting movements) and small children become totally absorbed in the physical sensation of movement.