Welcome to Kids Paradise Pre-Primary School

At Kids Paradise Pre-Primary School, we encourage children to observe, think and wonder. For years, we have watched little miracles grow. It has always been our endeavor to create for every child, rich and challenging experiences to promote learning and growing.

Founded in 2015 and conveniently located in Navanagar, the school has always enjoyed a reputation for providing quality education to young students from Kindergarten to Grade 2.

We aspire to help every child in our care to develop as a whole person, becoming confident, happy, independent, creative and learners.


Laying foundations for life through the continuous pursuit of excellence.


  • Build a sound foundation upon which children achieve their potential
  • Encourage children to explore, experiment and express.
  • Stimulate thinking and learning through varied experiences
  • Provide emotional stability for children to learn with confidence
  • Nurture children in traditional values
  • Develop initiative and enthusiasm for work.
  • Be a living, vibrant and integral; part of the community.